Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"Rapists, Stay Away From My Daughters Or Else...!" - STELLA DAMASUS

Randy men and fun seekers eyeing the two pretty daughters of Nollywood star actress, Stella Damasus, had better be careful as the actress, appalled by the growing wave of rape of the Girl Child in Nigeria, has vowed to take laws unto her own hands and kill any man that sexually abuse any of her daughters.

According to her, she won’t mind going to jail so long as the perpetrator of the act has been sent to six feet below ground level.

“With all the stories that I hear, with all the cases we take care of in Project Alert, everyday my passion for it grows stronger because we have to start to prove that this country has laws that can be used to protect our people. We need to be supported by the law. We need to make people have the belief that they can be safe in this country. I will not lie to you, I have been tempted on many occasion to take my children out of this country to where I know that no matter how difficult it is out there, their safety would be guaranteed,” she stated.

On the measures she has taken to protect her children, she said “I taught my daughters that when any man, be he their uncle, brother or even my friends in the industry, comes to the house, they should greet and go to their seats. If the visitor says, give me a hug, give them side hug. If he says give me a full hug, tell him mummy says that I shouldn't do that. If he says sit on my lap, say no, I want to sit on the chair. If he says come, let me buy you ice cream, tell him thank you.
I told them that if any man touches them between their chests and thighs, they should scream and run. I warned them that they should not stay there and later come and tell me story. If his hands start to come to any part of your body that he should not touch, shout. I remind them of this every morning because they have to be taught. Thankfully, none of them has reported such to me. If that had happened, I would probably not have been sitting here with you, I may have been in jail. If such happens, I will kill the man and go to jail.”

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  1. that means you will follow your daughters to schools to make sure no man talk to them or touches. oh, not good of you.